Organic AND Inorganic Gardening
(2) Chemical fertilizers do not make plants more susceptible to attack by insects. In fact, they do just the opposite. The well-fed, thrifty plant is less susceptible to attack.
(3) This is even more true of plant diseases. Well-nourished plants almost invariably withstand disease better.
(4) I do not think feeding plants organic fertilizers keeps insects from attacking them. I just don't believe it.
(5) The fellows who say that plants grown with chemicals will, if eaten, cause cancer, arthritis and poor teeth are just exposing their ignorance."

Some years ago I made a speech before a convention of the Men's Garden Clubs of America. In that talk, I warned the audience against careless and off-hand use of insecticides such as DDT. (I would say the same things about aminotriazole today.) I made no plea for prohibition of such chemicals but merely urged care in following the package directions when using any insecticide. This speech was quoted in one of the organocultists' journals. Since the organocultists thus have recognized me as an authority, I feel I am entitled to express my views of what they claim:

I believe that the whole "all-organic" movement is inspired by blind, unthinking prejudices. I know that sound, healthy plants can be grown with chemical fertilizers and that human beings can eat them with safety, benefit and pleasure. I feel it is up to organocul­tists to name, in terms intelligible to sane people, just what elements exist in chemically-fertilized plants that make them harmful, or what beneficial elements occur in organically-grown plants and not in those grown with mineral fertilizers.

I believe that man's knowledge of gardening, farming and the application of new scientific discoveries has been set back half a century by the pseudo-scientific pronouncements of the organo­cultists.

I take the stand that we who advocate the use of chemicals and organic matter do not have to prove our case: the shoe is on the other foot. It is the organocultist who must prove his anti-chemicals case by presenting evidence that will stand up when submitted to scrutiny by intelligent, knowledgeable men and women.

Among the familiar pieces of "evidence" used by the proponents of organic fertilizing are the figures from State and Federal sources that show a steady increase in the number of deaths from heart disease and cancer. Here, they say, is positive, irrefutable proof that chemical fertilizers are killing us. The actual death figures, of course, are accurate.